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Here we are back for another Five Minute Friday. The word for this week is Discover.


There is nothing that I love more than being a Grandma as I watch the world unfold to my wee ones when they discover something new through their precious little senses; touch, taste, feel or, smell.

So many stories I could share with you today, but one that is dear to my heart is about my two-year-old grandson, Vincenzo. Last summer, my daughter and I were out and about enjoying our favorite weekend pastime — Garage Sales! As we hemmed and hawed about the treasures before us, little Vincenzo discovered his own.

Flowers. Yes, while we walked around to check out her goodies, he noticed the beautiful flowerbed on the side of the house. He’d look down at her bright purple flowers, then kneel down to take a sniff, then bounce back up, laugh, and complete the cycle again.

And the sent of those beauties wasn’t the only thing he discovered. No, once he touched the velvety petals, we were in it big time! There was no leaving without snatching one up for the asking.

So, today I take a step backward. I look at my walk with the Lord. What do I do with discoveries? Do I discover something new with or about God and do I sit in His presence long enough to bask on what He’s shown me, or do I run off and skip to something new?

Oh, how I long to have the heart of little Vincenzo. Oh Lord, help me not just to discover something new about You and then leave it behind in my prayer time, but to snatch it up in my heart and take it along for the day. I never know who will need a fresh sent of your love and forgiveness today.

STOP… See you next week!