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Have You Considered?

News. Media. Facebook and phone calls The last few days have all been geared up around one thing; Irma. Hurricane Irma has reared her ugly head and is brewing up a storm to destroy anything in her path. Meteorologist have tried to predict just where she is going and where she will land. Residents of Flordia, Georgia, North and South Carolina are bunkering down or scurrying to get out of town to flee from her dreadful wrath and unknown catastrophic devastation. 

But, do we still have time as the Body of Christ to pray and move the hand of God to turn her away?

Let me share what happened last night and you make the decision?.

After reading this and reading that and discussing all possibilities of what if this, and what if that, I just needed to pause my mind like many others.  I decided to grab my bible, snuggle under the warm covers, and read a few Psalms to be able to fall asleep. So, I did my usual routine; Bible, flashlight, hop in bed. But tonight was different. Very different from many other nights. 

I did get my bible. I did lay it on the bed and turn my flashlight on. But, when I went over to flick off the lights ... I turned around you'll never believe what I saw!

thumbnail_FullSizeRender (1).jpg

It was Irma!

staring me in the face!

Right on my bedroom wall... There She Was... IRMA! How, How could this be... 

Well, it was my flashlight projecting on the wall like nothing I'd ever seen before... Chills ran up and down my spine. "Lovey, Lovey, come in here... you must see this..." I called out to my husband. Although it was about midnight, it was as if day to me.

Then the Lord began to speak as I fell to my knees beside the bed. "What is her name?"

"Irma," I answered.

"What is Mine?" 

"The Lord God. Jehova Jehira," and on and on I went.

"And Whose name is higher," He asked.

"Yours," I quickly answered.

"Then speak it. proclaim it and decree it and declare it." He replied.

So on and on I went in prayer for the next whatever time it was. When I finally got into bed, I asked Him what shall I read. Maybe a Psalm to fall asleep. I heard him tenderly speak to my spirit, "Job."

Oh no, I thought. Can't it be Esther, the book that comes just before JobI really don't want to go to Job tonight. If you know the book of Job, you can understand what I was thinking. But as I turned the page, another unexplainable sight ...







 I don't know when I wrote that, but with no date beside it, somewhere along the way, this is what the Lord had shown me. Satan has had a conversation with God just like he did when he asked to sift Job like wheat. "Does Job/ USA, fear God for nothing?" Satan replied. "Have You not put a hedge around him and his household and everything He has?" (Job 1:9 NIV)

As you continue reading we see what happened. Satan asked for the right to strip Job of everything he had just to see if he would continue to praise God through it. 

Here we are. We are on the verge of the most horrible devastation catastrophe that the USA has ever seen. But will we call out to God while we have time and cry out for His Mercy. To praise Him for Who He is and decree with me that His name is higher and greater than any other name and beseech Him to turn the hand of Irma,(which in her character is indecivisness.) Study her name and it says she can't even decide what to have for lunch! 

Well if she can't decide what to have for lunch, can we believe that she still does not even know where she is headed?

Let us not waste another minute. Let us turn off the television and get on our knees... Let us call out to the one who has the power and the only power to stop the ugly monster before we experience a devastation like we've never seen before!

Let us call upon the name of Jesus and cry out to Him to save our great country; The United States of America!