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Seeds of Strength and Encouragement for your daily walk.

Love Casts Its Shadow

 Are you looking for love? Do you feel unloved?

In This Holy Season of the year, let us remember what Christ did for you. What He did for me. Let this Easter season draw you to a more intimate relationship with Jesus and the Father God like never, ever before.


He rode into Jerusalem
on a donkey one day.
As the crowd waved their palm fronds
once He passed by their way.

They chanted, "Hosanna,"
to Their Lord and Their King.
With no way of knowing
what the next day would bring.

The crimson road lay hidden
as laughter swept through the air.
Who could have understood
The Master’s taunting stare?

Although His days were numbered
death shadowed at His side.
Soon this crowd would witness
 the day their Savior died.

Therefore as we enter
into this holy time of year.
Let us walk the walk of Calvary
With Jesus ever so near.

Let us listen for His heart beat
as we sit still in prayer.
And hear the Savior’s story
of what He chose to bear.

Then when the words are sounded,
"The stone's been rolled away."
We’ll understand the fullness
of The Father’s Love that day!