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Grace For The Moment

The countdown is on. The shopping mall traffic is getting thicker, and lines are getting longer. Kids are getting antsy, and mom’s patience is growing thin.

Everywhere we look, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas as our old time favorite, Bing Crosby would say. 

But what about you? Your heart? Is it open, Is it ready? Have you taken a second, or even a few minutes to prepare your heart for Jesus?  Have you allowed yourself time to sit and think about what this season is all about? 

Oh, I'm not talking about the parties, the fellowship, and the fun. Or the wrapping and baking and the munching. Have you had a chance to wrap up this season with your Savior?

If you haven’t beloved, it's not too late. No, we have five days left until Christmas. And do you know what the number five means? It means GRACE. Yes, FIVE is the meaning for the word GRACE. So just the same as Jesus gives us grace, which is pardon for our sins when we ask Him, then there is GRACE enough to pardon us from the busyness around.

It’s not too late. Stop what you’re doing right now and take the time to be with Jesus. Take this very second and ask Him to help you slow down enough to make time for Him. Make a simple confession of how the hustle and bustle of the season have kept you so consumed and sadly has crowded Him out.

Then be still my friend and wait for His response — Yes, wait in quietness as His love, His mercy, and His GRACE washes over you to free you from getting tangled up in all that is left to do.

So. let's get up and go forth with the LOVE of the Father, The GRACE of the Lord Jesus and the COMMUNION with the Holy Spirit to enjoy this Christmas Season like never before!

Photo by 2Mmedia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by 2Mmedia/iStock / Getty Images