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The After Aglow

Well, it's the day after. The excitement is hushed, but the aroma of Christmas still lingers in the air while this years' holiday memories will soon be framed for the future.

Yes, Christmas 2017 has skirted by and the New Year is right around the corner. But have you taken just a few minutes to sit and enjoy the remainder of the season? To enjoy your Christmas Tree that will soon be dismantled and stored away until next year? 

I have a challenge for you today. Simple but memorable. Take a few minutes out of your day to rest. While doing so, enjoy the beauty of your tree. But, first, you are to view it with the lights on. Now, here’s the challenge, get up and unplug the lights and what do you see? It’s not the same, is it? What a difference. It's dead. It's dull. It’s lost its luster and its shine.


Why? The lights tend to bring out aglow as they reflect upon each ornament. If we think about it, it's just like our walk with The Lord. When we walk close to Him, He brings His light of glory into our lives and allows us to shine for Him.

Without His light living on the inside of us, we are just like the dead branches on that tree. Yes, the ornaments are there, but the lights are dim, dull and unsubstantial. Oh, but when it's suddenly plugged in —the room is illuminated with a breathtaking glow!


So even though Christmas Day has passed, it's not too late to want, to desire, to seek the true light of the world to shine in your life today and forevermore. The light of the world, Jesus.


Grace For The Moment

The countdown is on. The shopping mall traffic is getting thicker, and lines are getting longer. Kids are getting antsy, and mom’s patience is growing thin.

Everywhere we look, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas as our old time favorite, Bing Crosby would say. 

But what about you? Your heart? Is it open, Is it ready? Have you taken a second, or even a few minutes to prepare your heart for Jesus?  Have you allowed yourself time to sit and think about what this season is all about? 

Oh, I'm not talking about the parties, the fellowship, and the fun. Or the wrapping and baking and the munching. Have you had a chance to wrap up this season with your Savior?

If you haven’t beloved, it's not too late. No, we have five days left until Christmas. And do you know what the number five means? It means GRACE. Yes, FIVE is the meaning for the word GRACE. So just the same as Jesus gives us grace, which is pardon for our sins when we ask Him, then there is GRACE enough to pardon us from the busyness around.

It’s not too late. Stop what you’re doing right now and take the time to be with Jesus. Take this very second and ask Him to help you slow down enough to make time for Him. Make a simple confession of how the hustle and bustle of the season have kept you so consumed and sadly has crowded Him out.

Then be still my friend and wait for His response — Yes, wait in quietness as His love, His mercy, and His GRACE washes over you to free you from getting tangled up in all that is left to do.

So. let's get up and go forth with the LOVE of the Father, The GRACE of the Lord Jesus and the COMMUNION with the Holy Spirit to enjoy this Christmas Season like never before!

Photo by 2Mmedia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by 2Mmedia/iStock / Getty Images

Near To My Heart

Well, It's another 5-Minute Friday ... The word for the week is NEAR. So here we go. 

Question for the month? What is near and dear to your heart?

Is it the shopping
we do this time of year?
Is it the friends
and loved ones who are dear?

Is the baking,
the sweet aroma in the air?
What is it I ask
that you love to share?

Could it be the songs
aired on the radio.
Or the festive decorations
everywhere we go.

Oh what is it for you
that spells CHRISTMAS in your heart
as this season rolls around
and the chaos takes a start?

Well, why not take a minute
and let Jesus draw you near.
As you choose to celebrate HIM
This special time of the year!

Quote from my book, Daily Seeds / Seeds of Grace... Click on the picture to get your copy at

Quote from my book, Daily Seeds / Seeds of Grace... Click on the picture to get your copy at


Here we are back for another Five Minute Friday. The word for this week is Discover.


There is nothing that I love more than being a Grandma as I watch the world unfold to my wee ones when they discover something new through their precious little senses; touch, taste, feel or, smell.

So many stories I could share with you today, but one that is dear to my heart is about my two-year-old grandson, Vincenzo. Last summer, my daughter and I were out and about enjoying our favorite weekend pastime — Garage Sales! As we hemmed and hawed about the treasures before us, little Vincenzo discovered his own.

Flowers. Yes, while we walked around to check out her goodies, he noticed the beautiful flowerbed on the side of the house. He’d look down at her bright purple flowers, then kneel down to take a sniff, then bounce back up, laugh, and complete the cycle again.

And the sent of those beauties wasn’t the only thing he discovered. No, once he touched the velvety petals, we were in it big time! There was no leaving without snatching one up for the asking.

So, today I take a step backward. I look at my walk with the Lord. What do I do with discoveries? Do I discover something new with or about God and do I sit in His presence long enough to bask on what He’s shown me, or do I run off and skip to something new?

Oh, how I long to have the heart of little Vincenzo. Oh Lord, help me not just to discover something new about You and then leave it behind in my prayer time, but to snatch it up in my heart and take it along for the day. I never know who will need a fresh sent of your love and forgiveness today.

STOP… See you next week!

Post For Five Minute Friday October 13th, THE WORD IS INVITATION

It’s time again for Five Minute Friday. The word this week is INVITE, you can join in too... The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday website. Anyone can join in. Just check her website out and follow the prompts.



                How vivid I can recall my friend's car driving up to that vast empty field. The only thing set before me was a big white humongous tent.

                What, I thought to myself, Is this where everyone’s been going all week? Quickly we shuffled our way through the floppy canvas of a door with many others like cattle going to graze; I whispered to my friend Jan, “If my kids could only see me now.”


                Oh, my goodness! Chills flooded my being as I scanned over the sea of wooden chairs before me. Some filled, some not. Were all of these seats really going to be filled with people coming to hear about God? How I pondered that thought as we searched for members of our church who also traveled from miles away.

Service began, and all I remember was the man/preacher on the stage telling me over, and over that, God loved me no matter what I’d done. Then it came — the INVITATION. The invitation to come forward to make Jesus my Lord and Savior. Who me. No way. With thousands upon thousands of people here, no ways was I going to step out of my comfort zone and walk down front of this massive crowd.


                Suddenly — a tap on my shoulder. “I saw you raise your hand Miss, and if you’re afraid to go up, I’ll go with you,” a stranger whispered in my ear.  What was I to do? Well, I am here to share with you, that twenty-three years later, how glad I am today that I did take that leap of faith to, to begin a life-long journey that has changed the course of my life forever. To God be the Glory for the INVITATION of a lifetime.

Post For Five Minute Friday

This is my first time linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung at Five Minute Friday website. Today’s word prompt is “story.” Anyone can join in. Just check her website out and follow the prompts.


Well, here I go, my first attempt to jump right in and tell my STORY on Five Minute Fridays. With a few days back from the Maranatha Christian Writers Conference, my new journey and my new story unfolds.

Although I’ve been writing for years, I knew it was time for an agent. Who me, I thought many times. Others have agents, but can I really get one? Well with my first self-published book and two, almost three children’s books ready to go, Yep, it is time.

So sitting with a representing agent, and my second appointment at the conference, this was it. I plopped my books down, and it simply burst out of me, “I need an agent!”

And so my story begins. Although we met once before, and I thought that was it, it did happen! But, this time, yep, you guessed it, it was it. After a short conversation, he reached into his briefcase, pulled out that magical paper, popped the magic question, and finally I have an agent. And also, I did it, my five minutes are up, and I’ve told you my story and the beginning of my new journey with the Lord.

Have You Considered?

News. Media. Facebook and phone calls The last few days have all been geared up around one thing; Irma. Hurricane Irma has reared her ugly head and is brewing up a storm to destroy anything in her path. Meteorologist have tried to predict just where she is going and where she will land. Residents of Flordia, Georgia, North and South Carolina are bunkering down or scurrying to get out of town to flee from her dreadful wrath and unknown catastrophic devastation. 

But, do we still have time as the Body of Christ to pray and move the hand of God to turn her away?

Let me share what happened last night and you make the decision?.

After reading this and reading that and discussing all possibilities of what if this, and what if that, I just needed to pause my mind like many others.  I decided to grab my bible, snuggle under the warm covers, and read a few Psalms to be able to fall asleep. So, I did my usual routine; Bible, flashlight, hop in bed. But tonight was different. Very different from many other nights. 

I did get my bible. I did lay it on the bed and turn my flashlight on. But, when I went over to flick off the lights ... I turned around you'll never believe what I saw!

thumbnail_FullSizeRender (1).jpg

It was Irma!

staring me in the face!

Right on my bedroom wall... There She Was... IRMA! How, How could this be... 

Well, it was my flashlight projecting on the wall like nothing I'd ever seen before... Chills ran up and down my spine. "Lovey, Lovey, come in here... you must see this..." I called out to my husband. Although it was about midnight, it was as if day to me.

Then the Lord began to speak as I fell to my knees beside the bed. "What is her name?"

"Irma," I answered.

"What is Mine?" 

"The Lord God. Jehova Jehira," and on and on I went.

"And Whose name is higher," He asked.

"Yours," I quickly answered.

"Then speak it. proclaim it and decree it and declare it." He replied.

So on and on I went in prayer for the next whatever time it was. When I finally got into bed, I asked Him what shall I read. Maybe a Psalm to fall asleep. I heard him tenderly speak to my spirit, "Job."

Oh no, I thought. Can't it be Esther, the book that comes just before JobI really don't want to go to Job tonight. If you know the book of Job, you can understand what I was thinking. But as I turned the page, another unexplainable sight ...







 I don't know when I wrote that, but with no date beside it, somewhere along the way, this is what the Lord had shown me. Satan has had a conversation with God just like he did when he asked to sift Job like wheat. "Does Job/ USA, fear God for nothing?" Satan replied. "Have You not put a hedge around him and his household and everything He has?" (Job 1:9 NIV)

As you continue reading we see what happened. Satan asked for the right to strip Job of everything he had just to see if he would continue to praise God through it. 

Here we are. We are on the verge of the most horrible devastation catastrophe that the USA has ever seen. But will we call out to God while we have time and cry out for His Mercy. To praise Him for Who He is and decree with me that His name is higher and greater than any other name and beseech Him to turn the hand of Irma,(which in her character is indecivisness.) Study her name and it says she can't even decide what to have for lunch! 

Well if she can't decide what to have for lunch, can we believe that she still does not even know where she is headed?

Let us not waste another minute. Let us turn off the television and get on our knees... Let us call out to the one who has the power and the only power to stop the ugly monster before we experience a devastation like we've never seen before!

Let us call upon the name of Jesus and cry out to Him to save our great country; The United States of America!

Shod My Feet With What?

When my world seems to be falling apart, how am I supposed to shod my feet with the gospel of peace? 

The kids are wearing out my name, "MOM!" ... The house needs this and that... Meals need to be prepared even if I'm not the one who's hungry. And yes, then there are family, friends and finances too, So many things in life that all crave for a part of me and what am I supposed to shod my feet with? Peace you say, really?

I know I've read it over and over.  I've heard it in numerous sermons. And yes, I've even studied it in Bible Study groups, but how? How do I shod my feet with the Gospel of peace when the world is whirl-winding around me?

While I was having lunch with a friend a few weeks ago, she asked me a question. A very serious one at that, "Is anyone really happy?" A very legitimate question I would say, wouldn't you? 

I bet you're wondering how I answered that. Well, before I opened my mouth, I kinda wondered what I'd say too. "Only with Christ in the center can anyone of us be happy."

Don't you just love it when the Holy Spirit takes over? But in all reality, it's the truth. We can never be happy or attempt to walk in peace without Christ. The world as we know it bears too many burdens and too much pain ... And, no matter how we look up to people  and love them to the moon and back, no one is perfect. 

So, the only way to truly be happy and to walk in peace no matter what we are facing is to have Christ at the center and look to Him. In John 14:27 Jesus clearly states," Peace I leave with you; my peace I give youI do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

I know how many times I've tried to juggle so many things or believed that I was somebody's savior, only to end up in a web of stress. It's only when I get to the end of my rope and finally sit before the Lord, do I find relief. Over and over, I can hear Him speak to my aching heart, "Let go. Give it to Me and be at peace."

Yep. There it is. That word, peace... and just as Jesus said. Not as the world gives, but through giving it to Him. When we let go, when we let God handle our situation, will the peace finally flow like a river from Him, through Him and for His glory ... Amen. Amen. and Amen. 

Eph: 6 13-17(NASB), Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.  Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness,  and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God."

Love Casts Its Shadow

 Are you looking for love? Do you feel unloved?

In This Holy Season of the year, let us remember what Christ did for you. What He did for me. Let this Easter season draw you to a more intimate relationship with Jesus and the Father God like never, ever before.


He rode into Jerusalem
on a donkey one day.
As the crowd waved their palm fronds
once He passed by their way.

They chanted, "Hosanna,"
to Their Lord and Their King.
With no way of knowing
what the next day would bring.

The crimson road lay hidden
as laughter swept through the air.
Who could have understood
The Master’s taunting stare?

Although His days were numbered
death shadowed at His side.
Soon this crowd would witness
 the day their Savior died.

Therefore as we enter
into this holy time of year.
Let us walk the walk of Calvary
With Jesus ever so near.

Let us listen for His heart beat
as we sit still in prayer.
And hear the Savior’s story
of what He chose to bear.

Then when the words are sounded,
"The stone's been rolled away."
We’ll understand the fullness
of The Father’s Love that day!


The Potter's Wheel

Have you ever felt like your world is spinning out of control? Like it's going round and round and no matter what you do it just won't stop?

Well, you're not alone. Let me take a snippet from my book and give you a bit of encouragement for today. Page 118 from my Devotional reads, 

"God sees everything around you. He hears your heart's cry in the dead of  night. He knows your hurt and even your loneliness.

How we praise Him., dearly beloved, that even when we feel we are at the end of our rope, or we feel like we are no good to others, God let's us know we are worth something to Him.

So, in whatever you are facing today. Whatever is causing your world to spin out of control, may I give a word of hope, God is there for you. He is but a word away. Call upon Him today. Ask Him to be in the center of it all and see what He can do. 

And, if you'd like to read more, grab a copy of my book, Daily Seeds / Seeds of Grace @, digital or printed.

God's riches blessings,


We Build A Church

Jesus calls us to be His hands and feet. What greater joy than to serve Him and serve in His Kingdom.

I have been a part of our CBS (Community Bible Study) in Vero Beach for the past ten years. For a few of those years, I volunteered to teach in the children’s department. This one little guy, Joseph, was so cute. He definitely stole my heart.

He loved to build with our light-weight building blocks. The devotion titled We Build A Church was serving at CBS with little Joseph one day.

Enjoy the read and always remember, that — “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain.”

Psalm 127:1